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Who am I?

I am in love with Life in Original Version with all its flavors, colors, expected and unexpected moments.

In other words : a traveler, chocolate lover, greedy, serious, happy, child of the mountains, European, gourmet, interested in wines from the whole world, literature fan, friendly, adventuress, musician, completely in fond of Rheims Cathedral, polyglot, curious, reader …


Reading, Traveling, Photographing

As soon as I could read, I spent hours reading all the books I could grab around. That is how I started to travel! Real travels came early as well!

Later on I discovered the Art of Photography and just loved this way of capturing instants of life with colors! Feelings get a chance to be expressed without words. That make things easier: no need to translate! Words are very important but the most important is to understand them in their original version. For, translations always implies loss!

I have dreamed of a Reflex camera for many years. Dreams came true with the new year 2011: I got a Canon EOS 550D with two lenses 18-55mm and 70-300mm. Everything was ready for me to take a year off and shoot around the world! Later on, I also got an prime lens 50mm.

I shoot manual and never edit photographs afterward. I do not change anything, I do not crop or change colors… I like Photography in Original Version!



For any inquiries, questions or further information, and if you do not feel in the mood to leave a comment (are my articles that uninspiring?!), please feel free to contact me:

mariesophoto ]at[ gmail      dot      com


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