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Le Concert

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Lorient, Morbihan, France

Just another day in Francfort-am-Main

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Frankfurt-am-Main, Hessen, Deutschland

Francfort-am-Main. A city of contrasts. Past & Present. Urban Life & Living Nature.

Am Rhein

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Wiesbaden, Hessen, Deutschland

Kirchen in Wiesbaden

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Wiesbaden, Hessen, Deutschland

Through the trees

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Wiesbaden, Hessen, Deutschland

Anti Portraits

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München im grauen Frühjahr

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München, Bayern, Deutschland

Un après-midi sur une plage bretonne

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Lumière & galops, instants éphémères. Les empreintes sur le sable sont effacées par la prochaine marée.


Fort-Bloqué, Morbihan, France

Frühling am Rhein mit der Lorelei

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Lorelei, Am Rhein, Deutschland


Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) hat den folgende Gedicht im Jahr 1824 geschrieben. Er hatte den bekannten Rhein-Felsen zum Vorbild. Wörter und Bilder kommen aus dem selben Ort.



Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten
Daß ich so traurig bin;
Ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten
Das kommt mir nicht aus dem Sinn.

Die Luft ist kühl und es dunkelt,
Und ruhig fließt der Rhein;
Der Gipfel des Berges funkelt
Im Abendsonnenschein.

Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet
Dort oben wunderbar,
Ihr goldnes Geschmeide blitzet
Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar.

Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme
Und singt ein Lied dabei;
Das hat eine wundersame
Gewaltige Melodei.

Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe
ergreift es mit wildem Weh,
Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe,
Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh.

Ich glaube, die Wellen verschlingen
Am Ende Schiffer und Kahn;
Und das hat mit ihrem Singen
Die Lorelei getan.

May 9: Europe day

Did you know that the European Union counts 5 symbols? the European day, the 9th of May being one of them! It recalls 1950 and the proposal of Robert Schumann for a peaceful and organized Europe.

But which are the other symbols?

<> The flag <>

On a azure blue background a circle of twelve gold stars, twelve being the traditional symbol for perfection. It represents harmony and solidarity between the Peoples of Europe. Really? Harmony and solidarity. That was meant at the beginning. And today… well it seems like we forgot a bit what was Europe meant for.

<> The anthem <>

The anthem comes from the last movement of the Ninth Symphony composed in 1823 by Ludwig von Beethoven. He actually used the poem “Ode of Joy” written by Friedrich von Schiller in 1785. Through this poem, Schiller expressed his vision -quite idealistic- of the human race becoming brothers.

<> The motto <>

“In varietate concordia”

“United in diversity”  =  “In Vielfalt geeint”  =  “Unis dans la diversité”

It is in 20 other languages translated.

<> the Euro <>

a single currency

Wiesbaden throughout the year

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Wiesbaden, Hessen, Deutschland

Ein Wochenende in Reutlingen

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Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Ein Abend im Taunus

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Taunus, Hessen, Deutschland


I love photographing in forests. For, trees do not move! It is true that they sometimes play with the wind. But most of the time, they are patient. They do not stare at you while you observe them. They will not complain about image rights.

Trees will play with the sun’s rays. They will offer wonderful light and shadow contrasts. To make it simple, they are great subjects for one who wants to learn the specific language of a new reflex camera!


The best novel I have ever read with forests and botany descriptions is a French one. And now, with my Life-in-original-version-principle, I write further in French.

J’écrivais donc que le meilleur roman que je n’ai jamais eu entre les mains, donnant avec de simples mots, pleine vie à la forêt  est un roman français,  L’église verte,  de Hervé Bazin. Non seulement la culture botanique de l’auteur est incroyablement étendue mais en plus, il sait utiliser les mots pour personnifier cette “église verte”. Ses descriptions de la faune et de la flore attisent l’intérêt des lecteurs les plus curieux.

Un autre auteur français, Julien Gracq, donne aux forêts des tintes surréalistes peut-être, mais toujours pleines de vie. Dans son Château d’Argol, la forêt devient une “mer verte” qu’il décrit avec les mots suivants:

[…] c’était une forêt triste et sauvage, un bois dormant, dont la tranquillité absolue étreignait l’âme avec violence. Elle enserrait le château comme les anneaux d’un serpent pesamment immobile, dont la peau marbrée eût été alors assez bien figurée par les taches sombres des nuages qui couraient sur sa surface ridée.

N’hésitez pas à vous perdre avec délices dans les forêts et les œuvres de ces deux auteurs !


Hervé Bazin, L’Eglise verte, 1981

Julien Gracq, Au Château d’Argol, 1938.

Zwei Tage in Aachen

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Aachen, Deutschland

Aix-la-Chapelle, Allemagne

Ein Nachmittag in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt-am-Main, Hessen, Deutschland

Une fin de semaine à Belle-Île

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Belle-Île-en-Mer, Morbihan, France

Deutsch? English? Français ?

Which language should I use in writing this blog?

I can speak and write almost perfectly in French. A good reason for that: I am French!

Until I was 15, I could speak French only and only French. For, I was born and raised  in a lovely French family. When I turned 15 I had the opportunity to live abroad for some months. That is how I first understood the importance of learning other languages. At that time, I was in Germany and I learnt… German! At least a bit of it. Later on I got great opportunities to learn English, as well as to pick up some other languages.

Most of my relatives and friends are familiar with English.  So I will try my best to use it without mistakes… Please feel free to help me to improve my English skills!

I also might write some texts in French or maybe in German (or other languages?) depending on how I feel and what I want to express! For, I love life in original version!

You can post comments in your own language 😉 I will try my best to understand and reply in the same language! Did I already tell you? I like challenges!

Need a change or new horizons? Welcome on board!

Are you getting bored in a greyish everyday life? Do you sometimes wish you were thousand miles away from where you currently are?

If so, I guess you are ready for virtual vacation! I am pleased to welcome you on this blog!

I will try my best to share through pictures and words the places I will visit in the next days, weeks, months or years!

Have you got your e-boarding pass?

Mariesophoto’s Company wish you a pleasant e-travel in our beautiful world!

Note: Creating this blog is a bit selfish. I also need to earn money so that I can afford to travel! I thus spend periods at work, looking back at the good old and colorful memories or planning the next adventure! Spending hours on this blog help me to face the everyday working life!

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