Internet — Spread the News Now!

Everyone knows everything instantly or almost. Internet shatters every secret. Truth? Lie? That is not the relevant question anymore. The only thing left which matters is to be the first one to express it online. Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog it or whatever. SPREAD THE NEWS!

Let us virtually go a few years back. When you had something you wanted to share you would go to your family circle or to your friends. Now the first and most common reaction is to facebook it, to tweet it or to blog it. Some years back there were just a few of us aware of that personal piece of news, a few of us involved in it. These “few people only” has now increased to several millions of people. Each and every of us passing judgment, commenting, criticizing… and spreading it further.

Nothing remains confidential!


Nothing remains neither confidential nor secret

Tweets, blogs and virtual walls

Everyone gets to know everyting

Radio and TV passed away

Now INTERNET is the king of the world

Everyone of us being a baron or a e-count ready

To spread the news now and everywhere!


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