May 9: Europe day

Did you know that the European Union counts 5 symbols? the European day, the 9th of May being one of them! It recalls 1950 and the proposal of Robert Schumann for a peaceful and organized Europe.

But which are the other symbols?

<> The flag <>

On a azure blue background a circle of twelve gold stars, twelve being the traditional symbol for perfection. It represents harmony and solidarity between the Peoples of Europe. Really? Harmony and solidarity. That was meant at the beginning. And today… well it seems like we forgot a bit what was Europe meant for.

<> The anthem <>

The anthem comes from the last movement of the Ninth Symphony composed in 1823 by Ludwig von Beethoven. He actually used the poem “Ode of Joy” written by Friedrich von Schiller in 1785. Through this poem, Schiller expressed his vision -quite idealistic- of the human race becoming brothers.

<> The motto <>

“In varietate concordia”

“United in diversity”  =  “In Vielfalt geeint”  =  “Unis dans la diversité”

It is in 20 other languages translated.

<> the Euro <>

a single currency


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