Deutsch? English? Français ?

Which language should I use in writing this blog?

I can speak and write almost perfectly in French. A good reason for that: I am French!

Until I was 15, I could speak French only and only French. For, I was born and raised  in a lovely French family. When I turned 15 I had the opportunity to live abroad for some months. That is how I first understood the importance of learning other languages. At that time, I was in Germany and I learnt… German! At least a bit of it. Later on I got great opportunities to learn English, as well as to pick up some other languages.

Most of my relatives and friends are familiar with English.  So I will try my best to use it without mistakes… Please feel free to help me to improve my English skills!

I also might write some texts in French or maybe in German (or other languages?) depending on how I feel and what I want to express! For, I love life in original version!

You can post comments in your own language 😉 I will try my best to understand and reply in the same language! Did I already tell you? I like challenges!


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